Not too long ago I took my kids to an art program at the library. Usually the projects are simple and allow for quite a bit of creativity. But not this time… It was more like- Here’s the example. Now do it… My oldest struggled… his idea would not come out of his mind and on to the paper. To make matters worse, the material that was laid out did not work. They had these child safety scissors that barely cut paper, and he was unable to get these scissors to cut the paper that was laid out.

He was frustrated. He expressed it in words and by crumbling up his paper. I offered him the chance to take a step back and come back to it. Instead, he chose to sit it out completely. He grabbed his bag of books and sat on the couch outside the art room.

I could see him the whole time, stewing on his frustration. He had a book opened, but his eyes never looked at the page.

I wanted so badly to tell him that it’s not that bad. I wanted to tell him to try another approach. It was  hard to watch my child be so frustrated, knowing I could help him, but also knowing he was not in a position to take advice.

Sadly, I have been there. I have been so frustrated that I was unwilling to accept advice. My poor husband… He can tell me what I need to hear, and I will completely shut him out. I’m frustrated. It’s not working. I want to just quit. But then my husband reminds me who I am, points me to my calling, shows me the way I should go. AND I am still too frustrated to take in his advice.

After a little while, I will come to him and tell him this amazing revelation I have had. And my husband… he says, “Hmm I wonder who told you that?” Obviously God gave me this revelation. My husband had nothing to do with it… well that’s what I tell myself in the moment anyways.

Timing. Timing is everything when your letting your emotions control situations. I strive so badly to not be run by my emotions, but I do not often win this battle. As Lysa Terkeurst puts it, “Emotions are indicators, not dictators.” This is such a good reminder, but I still fall short here… daily…

My most recent bout of frustration has actually come with this blog. I lack motivation. I’m not seeing results. It seems like I’m spinning circles and getting nowhere. I’m stuck in a vicious Tornado of Frustration… full of me’s and excuses.

My husband tried to gently point out to me that this was not something I can just quit without consulting the One who assigned this opportunity to me… He told me to get into my Bible and prayer…But I liked being in my “Tornado of Frustration.” I couldn’t see the light because I was too busy seeing my frustrations.

As I type this, I am not fully convinced that I have given up my frustrations. I see this dream that was given to me just slightly out of reach. I see all my efforts falling short. I know God can move mountains. I know that His will will be done. But I’m tired.  I’ve convinced myself that I am ok with another rejection from a publisher. But the truth is, every single one hurts.  Stuffing that emotion has actually only led deeper into the frustration. You see in the last month, I have had three publisher offer me partnerships… awesome a contract… NOPE… a contract in which they want me to pay for the publishing since I have no writing platform… It’s frustrating. The writing I was inspired to do is good enough to get published… the problem lies in the fact that I have no platform. Then I see this blog that has been amazing to witness God moving me to write… but I see my numbers going down… not up… I wonder if it’s even worth it at all.

I have to give up my frustrations. I was never meant to carry the burden on my own. It’s my pride that keeps me holding on. It’s my pride that will not accept advice, even when it makes perfect sense and is exactly what I need to hear.

I forget… I forget how much closer I have come to God as He has inspired each and every one of these blog posts. I forget that this is not about growing numbers. This is not about titles… This is not about sitting at Jesus’ right and left side, but about serving Him and His people while growing in obedience and trust. It’s about believing He is who He says He is. It’s not about the books. It’s not about growing this blog. It’s all about Him!



Lord,  Help me overcome my frustrations. Show me your ways, make the path straight. Lead me in your righteousness. Open my heart to accept words of encouragement and advice. Help me see beyond on my circumstance and know that you are in control. Lord help me keep my pride in check. I want to bring glory to you… not glory to me. It’s all about you, Jesus!                                                                                                                                                                  In Jesus name I pray. 



Is This For God’s Glory or My Glory?

Scrolling through Facebook this week I came across this post quite a few times. This post has a great message, but I really struggled with it.pic for blog

What a good message! God uses us despite our sins. The message here is clear as day, “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.” Excellent message BUT… as I read this post, time and time again I wanted to correct it. Mary Magdalene was not a hooker. Rabah was a prostitute. The Bible states this fact about Rabah (Joshua 2:1). However, it never says that about Mary Magdalene. The Bible says that Mary Magdalene was cured of seven demons (Luke 8:2). That’s all we are told about her past. After that, she is a faithful follower and supporter of Jesus.

I wanted so badly to write this as a comment on the post EVERY TIME I saw it. But every time I began to post I was stopped…every time… (and I saw this post at least 10 times in less than a week). My rant on Mary Magdalene would miss the mark, because it was not the point. The point here is not which sin the person struggled with, but that they struggled with sin. AND God used them anyway. God used them for HIS glory not their own glory. There is no sin that is too big for God.

Somewhere along the lines Mary Magdalene was lumped together with another unnamed women in the Bible (Luke 7), and her image was distorted…  but would sharing this information on this social media post actually help anyone grow closer to God?

I had to stop and ask myself, “Is this for God’s glory or my glory?” Making a comment about how an awesome message has a biblical error was only going to show off my biblical knowledge not help anyone grow.  The people who needed to hear that message were not focused on Mary Magdalene being a hooker. They were focused on the fact that God used those biblical characters despite their struggle with sin. And she was human, so she did struggle with sin. Just probably not the sin that was listed on this post.

So, I chose not to call out the incorrect part of this message. Not because I do not want people to know what the Bible says, but because in that moment my motive was not to bring God glory. Everything we do should be to bring glory to God. There is a time and place for biblical discussion. I do not believe that was the time or place for that discussion. I fully believe the people who were impacted by this post needed to hear the message that God qualifies the called despite their sins. They did not need an unwanted Bible lesson.  The last thing I want to do is turn people away from God’s word. I want them to turn to it!

We all struggle with sin. We all fall short. But God uses us. He calls us and qualifies us to do His will. It’s all about Him! I strive to bring glory to God in all my words and actions. And sometimes that means by holding my tongue (or typing fingers). I fall short daily, but I am grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn. Praise God for His grace!


And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Colossians 3:17


Accepting Blessings from Others

How does that old saying go? “It’s better to give than receive.” Oh yes, I agree! I love to give. And I love to bless others when they are not expecting it. But let me be honest, I am not so great at being on the receiving end of a blessing.

My pride gets in the way. I don’t need help. I’ve got this. Just leave me be. But the truth is, maybe I do not have it together as well as I want others to believe. Maybe that hand that is being offered is supposed to be taken. Maybe the blessing is not just for me, but also for the person extending the blessing.

A few years ago, I was checking out at Target. My kids asked the cashier for stickers. After checking her drawer, she learned she did not have any stickers. I politely smiled and told her it was okay. But 2 of my children expressed feelings otherwise. While I tried to check out with two very upset kids, the nice old lady behind me started trying to talk to my children. She was asking them sweet questions to distract them.

Me? I’m annoyed. I’m thinking- Please cashier, hurry up… I’m embarrassed… I’m beat… Please, lady stop giving them attention… I got this… They’re my kids… I know what to do… Oh, my goodness children, it’s just a sticker!

This kind lady took my cart and began to push it out the door for me with my kids still in it. She kept talking to my daughter in the front and smiling. As I got to the van to unload, she helped me. She was super sweet. Once the bags were in the van, she said bye to the kids and told them to be good for their momma. Then she went back into the store to take care of her business. I smiled and thanked her though my heart was not grateful, I was offended. Why’d she have to do that? Man, she saw my dirty van! Man, my kids were acting so badly! Man!

It wasn’t until I got home and began to reflect on the situation that I realized- I was wrong. Very wrong. This woman was trying to bless me and my family. She was showing love. I let my pride rule my heart and mind completely robbing me of her blessing and possibly robbing her of the blessing to give.  

I love the opportunity to bless others. Why would I rob others of that same opportunity?

TO THE WOMEN IN TARGET: “This perception change has helped me out so much. I am truly sorry to that I didn’t receive your blessing better, but your blessing has changed my heart in a way you never could have seen. Thank you for being there to help me.”

I remember walking into church with four very young kids and people asking if I want help. “Naw, I got this!”  Renee, that’s the wrong answer. It’s the wrong answer because I did not even consider accepting the help. That’s pride. I saw their question as, “You  look like you can’t handle this.” But that is not what they meant at all. They are trying to offer a hand, a blessing, not say I cannot handle it.

The appropriate answer is to allow them to bless me. “Oh yes, could you please get that door?” or “Sure, can you help me with these tags!” or “Would you mind signing my boys in?” or “Yeah, this diaper bag is pretty heavy, would you mind carry it for me?” But if there really is nothing the person can do for me, it is important that I recognize the gesture of extending a blessing.

It is definitely a lesson in humility, to allow others to serve you. It does not always feel nice, many times it feels completely uncomfortable. But this is what we are called to do. “Blessed are the humble, for they shall inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5) Humble. Accept help. As much as we welcome the opportunity to bless others, we need to allow others to bless us. We are called to be a blessing to others. Sometimes this means to quietly accept their assistance without allowing pride to steal someone’s blessings. Let them bless you. Be humble.

For me this means, allowing the person to open the door of my messy van and help me unload my cart. It means accepting help from the well-intentioned people who ask if I would like help. It means being grateful when the person behind me in line tries to help by deterring my child’s attention. It means smiling saying thank you (and meaning it) when people go out of their way to show kindness.

I can’t say that I get this right every time. I am a momma of five and perfectly capable of handling my duties on my own, but that doesn’t mean I HAVE to do it alone. When a kind person offers assistance or kind words, I need to embrace it. If someone ask if I need help, I should not give my auto pilot response of “No, thanks,” like I used to. I need to honestly consider is there anything this person can help me with? Maybe they can return my cart. Maybe they can put that box of diapers on the bottom of the cart for me. Maybe they can hold the door open for me. Maybe they can just say hi and talk to my kids. Whatever it is, I now strive to accept the blessing of another person.

It is just as important to humbly accept a blessing as it is to give a blessing to someone else.



When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

Proverbs 11:2


Have you ever been lost? I have. I am directionally challenged (to put it nicely). So, I know (a little too well) the frustration and insecurities that are included with being lost. I know the feelings of fear, confusion, anger, and helplessness of being lost. I also know the relief and comfort that come from finding your way, getting help, or being found.  I have definitely been lost, both physically and spiritually.

This morning as I was praying, I started thinking about the “Lost Sheep” and “The Prodigal Son.” I was reminded about a time when my son was lost for a few minutes at the Zoo this last fall. And for the first time, I began to see these stories from a completely different perspective.

We had gone to the Zoo to spend a beautiful autumn day. My kids and I met up with my aunt and adult cousin. We were spending the day just enjoying the animals and discussing whether each animal was an herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore. The entire time, my oldest pushed the boundaries on how far he could go. He would go just far enough that I would have to remind him to stay where I could see him. He would stay behind looking at an animal just long enough that I would need to tell him to come on.

After lunch, I needed to talk to one of my children and have him help me clean up. My aunt and cousin took the other kids to the bathroom just around the corner. My aunt sat on the bench outside and waited with the baby, while my cousin took the girls into the bathroom. I came back with the other child and walked him into the bathroom. Then I sat down next to my aunt and started talking.

Suddenly I heard my oldest son call, “MOM!” He sounded scared. I jumped to my feet and checked both bathrooms. He was nowhere to be seen. I ran around the building, he was not there. I checked my phone to make sure he did have someone try to call me.  Then I followed the path in which I knew I heard the voice. Within a matter of minutes, I saw him with another set of parents obviously looking for me.

I called out his name. No quicker than I said his name, he was in my arms. He hugged me so tightly I thought he would never let go. I thanked the couple for helping him. Then we walked back to the rest of our group still interlocked in a side hug.

We were both overwhelmed with emotions, but I was so grateful to have my son back in my arms! And that boy did not leave my side for the rest of the trip. In fact, he has yet to get out of eye sight on any other trip we have taken.

Afterwards he told me that he was scared I wouldn’t find him. I replied, “Honey, I will never stop looking until I find you. That you can be sure.”

We are all prone to wonder. My son thought he knew what was best. For whatever reason, he wondered. He got lost. But once he realized he was lost, he called out for me, and looked for help from a safe adult.

I’ve been the lost sheep before. But I have never been in the position of the shepherd who would never give up until he found that sheep. I’ve been the prodigal son before. But I have never had the privilege of welcoming back a lost child in my arms. The relief, the gratefulness, the love… overwhelming amazing feelings. (Not that I ever want to do that again!) Knowing the incredible love that I have for my child make me understand on a different level the love that God, our Father, must have for us.

My son being lost for just a few minutes gave me a deeper appreciation for the gift that he is. The thought that I would never find him again never crossed my mind. All I thought was, where are you? I am coming for you.  And once I had my son in my arms, I was not the least bit mad or upset that he wondered. I was just grateful that he was safe and back.

This is just a glimpse of the love God must have for us. If I, being a sinful human, love my child like this, how much more must He love each and every one of us.

We are prone to wonder. We think we know what’s best. We get lost. Praise God that all we have to do is call out to Him, and He is there. He welcomes us back with open arms. No yelling. No condemning. Just love. Grateful that you are His.



Then Jesus told them this parable: “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it?  And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’

Luke 15: 2-6

The Muddy Hill


As we were getting ready to leave for church on Sunday, my son checked the mail. Seeing that there was mail in the box, I told him to go put it on the coffee table. Moments later he runs to me and says, “Mom, I’m muddy.” He had taken the hill instead of the driveway back to the van. I instructed him to go wash his hands and change his pants, but to hurry so we wouldn’t be late. A couple minutes later here comes my son running towards the hill… again! The same hill that he came down and got all muddy from. Really child! You just had to go change because of that muddy hill, but you’re choosing to take it again?

I yelled at him to not take the hill. He veered off and jumped into the driveway arriving in the van without mud on his clothing.

As I put the car in drive to head to church, I was still in disbelief that he was seconds away from getting another pair of pants dirty and possibly making us late for church. But then I started thinking of all the times I did not learn my lesson the first time. How many times I went down the “muddy hill”, got covered in mud, and had to change.

Sometimes it takes some practice to learn that the path we once took is not the path we should take again.

My “muddy hill”- the approval and opinion of others. For the majority of my life, other people’s opinions mattered way TOO much! I lived to make other people think I was a happy-go-lucky, fun, outgoing, perfect person. It did not matter if I was happy, only that people thought I was happy. It did not matter that I am really an introvert, people need me to be the life of the party, so that I became. I cared way too much about what people thought. I never really knew who I was when I was not pretending to be whoever I thought they needed me to be.

This is still something that the Holy Spirit is working out in me. Who am I if I am not a wife? A mom? A teacher? A friend? A homeschooling parent?

I mean I know I am a child of God. I know I belong to Him. I know I am his masterpiece. But… sometimes… sometimes I get too caught up in myself… I get too caught in the desire to be liked… I get too caught up in keeping up with my image… I get too caught up in living for the approval of others…

For so long I would take a picture TO put it on social media and let everyone think I had a great life. It did not matter that that picture was completely staged, and no one really wanted to take it. I needed life to be documented so people would think highly of me. Rather than making memories and sharing them, I was forcing pictures to stage a good life. It was fake. It was a front. It was something I felt like I needed to do. I needed the approval of others.

My husband does not live for the approval of others. In fact, he does not care at all if you disapprove. It’s his life, and he will live it the best he can. He has always been this way, and it used to drive me crazy! One day a few years ago he started pointing out my desire to be approved on social media. At first, I just thought he had a problem with Facebook. I did not heed this advice well… an ongoing issue with my pride… but the very next time I staged a memory to post on Facebook, I saw it.  My motive for taking pictures was to be liked, not to capture memories.

You would think I learned my lesson here… nope… I found myself right back at that “muddy hill” over and over again. Like that next Christmas when everyone was sending out their awesome Christmas cards with pictures of their beautiful families on it. I suddenly felt the need to share an amazing photo of my family. Never mind that I have the cutest family ever, and I have a million photos of the cuteness on my phone. I had this need to let everyone see a perfect family photo-especially since everyone else was sharing theirs… CONVICTION! Honestly, I am not sure if this was 100% the “muddy hill” of need for approval or the “muddy hill” of comparison. Either way, it’s a “muddy hill” I have been down. A “muddy hill” I know better than to go down. A “muddy hill” that has left me chasing likes and comments on Facebook rather than peace and comfort from God.

That “muddy hill” was there on Valentine’s Day. Get a quick cute staged photo of your kids to post… NO RENEE! Just go enjoy the day with your family. As the day went on, I found my kids sitting around the table making each other cards and cutting out hearts. I smiled to soak it in. I did snap a photo to remember the memory they were making. Soon they will be grown up and making their husband or wife Valentine’s Day gifts. And I will have a treasure in my heart. I will have memories made around the table. Not forced pictures of a holiday they did not really care about.

Oh, look there’s that “muddy hill” again- It’s a beautiful day outside. Let’s go make a memory to post on social media…. RENEE!!! Do not get all muddy! Go enjoy the beautiful day with your family. Play in your backyard or walk to the park. But only take pictures to capture memories NOT gain approval of others. At the end of the day, likes on Facebook are on Facebook. No one cares, except you. But quality time spent with your family is a blessing that you could miss with misplaced motives.

By the grace of God, I realized that living for man’s approval would always have me falling short. I could always have gotten a better picture. I could always have gotten more “likes.” Living for the approval of man is nothing more than building my own kingdom. A kingdom on shifting sand that will bend and fall.

The only opinion worth living for is God’s. It is far better to be a good person than for someone to believe you are a good person. But even more than that- It is better to be a good person because I know I am loved by my heavenly Father, and I want to reflect His light! It is far better to admit I am weak and need help than for others to believe I have it all together. Trust me- I do not have it all together. All sin and fall short. It is a regular prayer of mine, “Jesus fill me.” I am a work in progress. Slowly being transformed into the image of Christ. That “muddy hill” was much harder to avoid two years ago. Today it’s a thought that is quickly passed over as I get to enjoy the blessings around me.

Don’t let the need of approval steal your joy! Avoid that “muddy hill!” Embrace your blessings every day!


All the ways of a man are clean in his own sight, But the LORD weighs the motives.

Proverbs 16:2

Removing the Messy Plate

Have you ever tried to clean up a toddler after dinner? I have a little practice here. The other night I made lasagna. As dinner ended, I began to clean up my 1 ½ year-old daughter. I wiped her face, then her left hand. As I went to her right hand, she stuck her left hand right back into the plate that was still covered in sauce. I moved the plate out of her reach, then cleaned her hands-AGAIN.

You would think that by baby #5 I would have learned this lesson.  I can’t clean my child up while the mess is right there for her to play in. But I haven’t.

The same is true in my own life. I can’t clean up my life while holding onto a “messy plate” … a guilty pleasure… a secret sin…

Drama… that’s my not-so-secret guilty pleasure… gossip… drama… it sucks me in… like a bad soap opera… I can’t take my eyes off it. I want to know all the juicy details. I want to know who said what, and everyone’s side as to the details.

This was the first of many areas that God wanted to clean up in me. This was blatantly obvious once I had started my REAL walk with Christ. (Yes- I had a fake one.) God could not clean this area up while I was holding onto all the drama I allowed in my life.

God had impressed upon me the need to cut out television. This was just for a season, but it was absolutely needed. I needed that time I was spending engrossed in reruns of television shows to embrace quiet… to quiet myself down…to open up His Word… to change my entertainment focus to books and music that would improve my relationship with Christ.

Once I was able to take that step back from the loudness of television drama, I was able move forward and clean up that area.  (Please know I am not telling you to cut out television. This is something personal each person must decide for him/herself. My husband never had the conviction to turn off the TV, and it has not negatively affected him. But for me, it was absolutely needed.)

I like to look at this as God removing the plate from in front of me so that I wouldn’t keep sticking my hand back in it. Now it was time to clean up the mess. For far too long in my life I preferred the noise, but the noise was getting in the way of my peace. It was letting in conflict and unnecessary drama. I used to think that there was this secret conversation that was being unsaid, so I tried to dissect conversations. I tried to read between the line. By doing this, I was creating more drama. But more importantly it was preventing me from being present.

As I have learned to embrace quiet, it has actually improved my relationships.  I have learned, that most people do not need me to interject into their stories, conversations, or problems. Most people say what they mean, and there’s no “between the lines” needed to be read. Most people just want to share their experience. Most people want to be heard. When I can quiet myself, without adding my own thoughts to a situation, I can be a better wife, mom, sister, and friend.  And then there’s also much less drama.

This is not an area I have fully perfected.  I need help from the Holy Spirit. I can still get sucked into Facebook drama. I can still listen a little too intently when someone shares gossip with me. But I am growing in this area. I am learning to take time away from Facebook when my attention is in the wrong spots. I am learning to redirect conversations that are centered around talking poorly of others.  I’m learning to walk away when I cannot change it. I’m learning that my words have power and using that power to build people up is far better than stirring up conflict.  I’m learning to follow the little nudge at my heart. It is a process.

Words have power… so do carefully chosen words… and so do words not spoken. I had to realize- life is not about me. Life is about glorify God. I can do that when I use my words to build His kingdom rather than trying to “one-up” the next girl or bring her down by spreading gossip. We are all in this life together AND ladies- we are not each other’s enemies. We need to stand together and fight the true enemy. Satan wants us keeping our eyes on the noise, the drama, and the gossip. Because then our eyes are not on God. If we are not building God’s kingdom, we are building our own kingdom here on Earth.

As I am typing this, the TobyMac song “Speak Life” is ringing through my ears. If you don’t know this song, you should definitely do a Youtube search and watch the music video. It is powerful! Words have the power to breathe life into someone or steal their joy. I will strive to choose life and love by using my words to build His kingdom and show love!


Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

Ephesians 4:29 (NIV)

Peeling That Orange

At dinner a couple nights ago, my kids each had an orange to peel. Peeling an orange- now there’s a task. My aunt has this really cool gadget that she runs around the orange and it makes perfect little creases to begin the peeling. Since I do not have that gadget, I took a knife and made x’s in a couple spots to start the kids off. One of my kids needed me to actually start the peeling process, two of them pretty much needed me to do it for them, and one was working hard to do it by himself. He got to a point where he was stuck. His dad says, “Use your teeth, like this.” He then goes on to show him how to use his teeth. My eyes grew wide as I thought- Wow, I never even knew that was an option. There are so many ways to get to the end goal when peeling an orange. Sometimes we just need someone to show us a new way.

This honestly had me reflecting about the people who have been perfectly placed in my life at just the right time to help me learn “how to peel the orange,” or “walk with Christ.” For the majority of my life I faked the funk. I had on a really good Christian disguise, but I had no idea what it was all about. I thought church was a place for the holy, and since I wasn’t holy- I put on a holy mask. Overtime, I genuinely thought that everyone else did the same thing.  I literally pretended to peel my orange and just hoped no one noticed I was not making any progress.

Out of nowhere, this couple enters my life. Early in our marriage, my husband and I were in a rough spot. They stepped in to give us a Christian model of marriage. We sat in their kitchen one night telling them about a nasty argument we had. They looked at us and laughed, “What do you think we used to do?” My husband and I looked at each other completely shocked. Wait! What? We are not alone in this? Other people have these problems too?

This completely changed my perspective on Christians. It completely changed my perspective on church. Church was NOT a place we go to pretend to be holy. It is the sick who NEED a doctor. Church is for those who know they are weak, who know they are sinners, AND admit they need their SAVIOR!

This couple could have sat and read their Bible, telling us what God wants from us, but they didn’t. They chose to live life with us. They chose to take us to church, invite us over for dinner, discuss the hard things in life. They never pretended to have all the answers. They did, however, know the One who did. They were the first of many mentors who would enter my life. Though we are not as close as we once were, I am forever grateful for the impact they had on my life. They are the ones who taught me “the orange” could be peeled, and here’s one way to start it.

It truly amazes me how God places people in my path to bless and be a blessing to me. We weren’t meant to do life alone. There is so much we can learn from others just by being present. Sometimes all I need is someone to listen, someone to pray along side of me. Sometimes I just need the reminder that I am not alone in this life and this too shall pass. I know there are many ladies in my life who are in the same boat. People who just need someone to understand and help them go to battle in prayer.

We all need people in our life that will help to guide us. After all, we do not have all of the answers to every problem that life presents. Don’t be afraid to stand along side a sister (or brother) in Christ, to teach them what you have learned, or just to let them know that you are willing to go to battle with them in prayer. After all, someone needs shown a new way to peel their orange. You can be the one to show them.


“So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.”

1 Thessalonians 5:11